Certificate bundle verification failed! – How to solve it!

If you have older version of WHM/cPanel on your hosting server, there is a big possibility that you will have problems with installing SSL certificates on it. We will give you one simple solution for most common problem with SSL certificate installation.

You have bought your SSL certificate from your provider (Comodo, Geotrust, etc..) and you have received ZIP file with few .crt files in it. First step is to unpack it and open file with your favourite editor called: “websitename_com.crt”. You have to copy that code in your cPanel field called

After that, you have to click on Autofill by certificate. If it populates and Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) you are lucky and you can click on Install.

If autofill do not populate field CABUNDLE, you have to do following:

You have to open the rest of .CRT files from your ZIP in a text editor like notepad:

Then copy the text of each “.crt” file and paste the texts one bellow the other in the “Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)” field.

Try to hit “Install”. And that’s it!

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